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In college my first DM experience was a friendly invite from a guy I just met (friends only invite of course) as a freshman in college. Being new to the area and the whole life of being on the bottom of the proverbial collegiate food chain, a simple invite to a “donut shop” meant so very much! When the invitation to donut man was offered, I honestly thought, “Donuts, a glorified deep fried pastry with a hole (“Why is there a whole anyhow? Ahh yes convent eating, place on index finger and eat in circular manner”, I contended with myself)”. I wasn’t too impressed with the idea of getting a donut because a familiar stale whole pizza would suffice my hunger and late night attempt to cram for an exam. Of course I had heard the rumors of the brilliantly fresh and always remarkably palate worthy DM! Was it more than a food…was it in fact a feasting celebration? Was it an ordinary donut? Ohhh no, not so. Here is how I uncovered the truth about the more than ordinary donut!

Remember the invite I got? We get into the car and me being a freshman at Life Pacific College, I had no clue where DM was. Naturally I poised myself in a manner that assumed I had a sense of direction although I knew better as I have the direction of a doorknob. As we get going I am driving around in my Dodge Neon that I loath paying for but I am happy for the ability to ‘cruise’, if you will! I get going far enough from all that is familiar to realize that my passenger is blind. Yes blind, as in walking stick and all! I have to tell you he must of been your biggest fan because he got us there based merely on how the ride felt, honest truth and I am happy to have him testify to his faithful frequent donut regale.


I couldn’t believe that he was navigating me to DM based solely of two things: 1. His undeniable need for DM (because we know there is indeed a need) 2. He was so familiar with where it was out of habitual feeding that he was able to guide me there-blind. Let’s not forget to pause and allow ourselves to be impressed by his skillset as a visually impaired independent cool dude and secondly, his infinity with the donut almighty! Now if I were a bird I would of had my beak on backwards because my ability to navigate is zilch! All his to say, DM out there is a visually impaired guy who loved DM enough to share it with a newbie freshman AND savored DM soooo very much that he could merely sense his way there! The donuts were incredible, “Glorified, not so. Divine, yes!” What a wonderful eating experience. My second trip was fulfilled by a cream filled doughnut fight! Take that school lunch fights complete with overcooked mystery meat and packaged spuds! What can trump such a savory and delicious food to decide to fight with?! None other than the DM. Yes, I admit and so would the herd of squirrely college students, the 3 second ground rules admittedly does not apply to the delectable DM donut! College memory instilled cravings for life! Now I reside as far from DM as I can get (sad, yes!), raising a beautiful family with my husband in a abundant state of VA. No donut man here (insets pouting face and tummy grumbles) Is the Washington DC Northern VA area missing out? You becha! Would a shirt proudly defend some Left Coast Donut Man pride? Ohh for sure!


Thank you~Kimberly Palmer