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Strawberry Donuts are in Season

We have started cranking out our world famous Fresh Strawberry Donut. Our Strawberry Donut has been featured on The Food Network, Cooking Channel and Huell Howser.

A large soft golden glazed donut that’s stuffed to capacity with the freshest strawberries and all smothered with our signature glaze. We get our large and ripe strawberries daily. They are hand picked, washed and cut for the the highest quality. We make the Strawberry donut 24/7 so you will always get a freshly made one.  Happy Eating and hope to see you at the shop! Oh and make sure to try our giant dark chocolate dipped Strawberries!

Strawberry Donuts are Back!

Starting Friday January 25th at 10am Strawberry Donuts will be available. Come and try the Donut that put us on the map! Its a handful of fresh strawberries stuffed into a fresh baked glazed donut, mixed with our top secret strawberry glaze! Don’t forget to ask for a fork, it could get messy!! Happy Eating!

New Donuts!

The Donut Man is introducing a new topping to the mix.  A light and delicious whipped cream! We putting a new spin on an old favorite. The New Chocolate Eclair is our signature extra long chocolate bar sliced open and stuffed with Whipped Cream!!!  We are also pairing the new Whipped Cream with our Blueberry, Raspberry and Lemon topped donuts to create something Amazing! So come on by and try them!

Fall Donuts are Back!

Donut Man has many different types of Donuts throughout the year! We are best known and loved for our fresh fruit filled donuts; however, our fall and winter line offers a delectable treat for all. The Creme Puffs are filled with fruit blended Gourmet Creme Cheese (Raspberry, Lemon, Blueberry and Chocolate). When you pair that with the soft and fluffy French Cruller Donut it becomes something extraordinary! We also feature a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Creme Donut. This Donut is topped with a Halloween inspired design. Last but not least, the much anticipated Peanut Butter and Chocolate Donut is back. This peanut butter infused Donut is sure to satisfy any Peanut Butter lovers dreams!!! Don’t forget these donuts only last a few months so get them while you can! Happy Eating!

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